Environmental Management Policy

Throughout its long history M.V. O’Halloran Ltd. has endeavoured to maintain a philosophy of ‘caring’, conscious of its responsibility towards its clients, its shareholders, its employees and towards the community at large.

In the current age of global communication however it is becoming increasingly evident that the pollution of the Earth and its atmosphere which started with the Industrial Revolution, coupled with further unchecked pollution of all types, could endanger the continuity of an acceptable quality of life for future generations.

Public pressure, with Government support in many countries, is increasingly demanding that products and services are environmentally sensitive, with calls for steps to reduce pollution in an endeavour to rebuild a healthy Global environment.  This needs to encompass a balanced approach to the use of land, materials and resources.

In recognition of this background, and taking into account M.V. O’Halloran Ltd’s role in contributing to the built environment the Company is formalising its position on environmental, matters by the publication of the following Policy Statement:

M.V O’Halloran Ltd will wherever practicable, utilise building materials and products which originate from sources which can be shown to be sustained and which are reusable or can be recycled and which it has established are environmentally sensitive.

M.V O’Halloran Ltd will pay particular attention during construction activities to the emission of pollutants, reduction in noise, dirt and to the careful use of toxic treatments, taking the most stringent precautions to avoid health hazards and ensuring that environmental impacts are minimised.

M.V O’Halloran Ltd will continue to develop an environmentally aware approach to management of the Company recognising also that sound management of energy and resources to land and materials cut costs and creates competitive advantages.

M.V O’Halloran Ltd will continue its philosophy seeking to employ caring people promoting a sense of responsibility towards the environment by management and staff within their working role and in their home situations.

M.V O’Halloran Ltd will continue to develop and practice in house environmentally caring policies covering its use of premises, sites, plant and other assets. The Company will also continue to promote energy efficiency and sound environmentally sensitive practices.

M.V. O’Halloran Ltd will achieve this policy by establishing a clear set of environmental objectives appointing a manager responsible for ensuring comprehensive implementation of these objectives.




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