Food and Beverage

M.V. O’Halloran Ltd have a large portfolio within this sector including bakeries, confectioners and breweries. Supplying this sector with specialist systems for a number of years. We offer a vast range of resinous flooring systems to suit the clients requirements.

Public interest in hygiene and safety is at an all time high. Health & safety authorities are setting ever more stringent standards. We can advise what will work for you in order to achieve the least disruption to your production, withstand traffic, machinery and equipment whilst complying with health and safety regulations. Our resin flooring systems have been applied successfully in areas which include production areas, wash areas, packing areas and chill stores.

Our resin floor systems are seamless, hygienic, hard-wearing and durable. A seamless floor is easier to clean, more hygienic – bacteria , dust and allergens have nowhere to hide, as well as slip resistant making them a better solution than other substrates. The durability of our resin floor systems allows for impressive resistance to acids and sugars and the rigorous cleaning associated with the food processing industries.

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St. James' Gate

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