Low-emission floor coatings for your requirements

A floor should not only be able to withstand rising damp or heavy loads, but also present no harm to the air quality in the room. The emission of volatile organic compounds (VOC) can contaminate the room air and be harmful to health. To eliminate this, we offer a complete VOC-tested product range that corresponds to the stringent criteria of the AgBB. The entire coating structure is assessed by the independent and accredited testing institutes in test chambers, and checked in annual random checks.

Our systems not only water based coatings, we also have a large range of polyurethane and epoxy-resin coatings which also have a general technical approval. This increases the flexibility even in the planning phase so that all requirements can be taken into account and the building owner receives the system best suited for their needs.

Sustainability – the simple maintenance, lower material consumption and durability contribute to the positive ecological footprint of an industrial floor. Thanks to these properties they have a much lower impact on the environment than many other covering types. Corresponding national and international declarations of conformity (e.g. DGNB / LEED certificates) give users and investors assurance with regard to sustainability.

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