Health & Safety

It is the policy of M.V. O’Halloran Ltd., to ensure, in all of its activities, that the safety, health, and welfare of all persons affected by such activities, be it our employees, sub-contractors, or members of the public, are protected as far as is reasonably practicable.

M.V.O’Halloran are committed to implementing standards of health, safety, and welfare in compliance with the provisions and requirements of the Safety, Health, and Welfare and Work Act 2005, and all other relevant statutory provisions and codes of practice.

We strive to achieve zero workplace accidents and to eliminate or reduce workplace hazards where possible. Making available the Health & Safety Policy, Safety Statements, and Risk Assessments to third parties having an interest in the activities and workplace.

M.V. O’Halloran Ltd., retain the services of an independent external consultant to carry out regular on the spot audits, this allows for an unbiased overview of how each project is performing at a given time. The results of these audits are scored and the information is fed back to our managing director.

Our  Safety Statement, in accordance with Section 20, Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005, outlines the policy of M.V.O’Halloran Ltd. in relation to the management of health and safety.

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